Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

The way we live now differs significantly from how our ancestors lived. The way people live now is terrible for their health. People used to walk freely on the street even at very early hours.Now, it the time to keep a dog to help us in reducing stress by doing it yourself.

Worry about being robbed, raped, or killed maliciously. People who stay at home worry about their safety when they hang out with friends because of terrorism.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, where the virus was free to move around in the air, people were afraid to go places they didn’t need to. Only buy something important or works. I was stuck in a small cubicle with my eyes glued to my phone most of the time. In the long run, it made me sick and stressed out.

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY
Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

People go home after work and don’t have anyone to talk to or share their daily problems. Stress, anxiety, and depression were slowly coming to their door. If the illness isn’t treated right away, it will worsen. People rarely get help because going to a psychiatrist costs a lot and is a taboo by society.

Is this the price we have to pay for progress?

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY
Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

DIY Ways Dogs Help People Reduce Stress

What do we need to do? Here’s how to solve it!

Dogs help people deal with stress.

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

Researchers have found that playing with your dog can help people feel less stressed.

When you play with or pet a dog, the stress-relieving hormone oxytocin is released, and the stress hormone cortisol is made less. Hormonal changes help a child who is nervous about reading out loud feel more at ease. Less stress can also be good for your body.

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY
Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

In a 2001 study, people with high blood pressure who had dogs could keep their blood pressure lower during times of mental stress than people with high blood pressure who didn’t have dogs.

Another study suggests that dog owners may also be more likely to live at least a year after a heart attack.

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

“Having a pet and having a strong social network are important predictors of survival, even when other psycho social factors and physiologic status are considered,” the cardiologist researchers wrote.

In 2008, a group of Italian researchers wrote about what they had found—the success of introducing a dog from a shelter to people with Alzheimer’s. Patients were given questionnaires, and many of them said that activities with animals (such as using a dog as a therapist) were helpful.

Kids meet dogs through more than just tutoring services. As this video shows. Arizona students in elementary school can read to dogs and take care of them at school.

The school principal says, “You can always talk to the dog, and the dog won’t judge you.”

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY

Pets are great friends, and they’re good for your physical and mental health. But if you are having trouble taking care of yourself, talk to your doctor before getting a pet.

  • Pets help people relax.

Stress affects many people. Researchers have found that patting a pet can feel less stressed and lower your blood pressure. Even just watching fish swim in an aquarium can make you feel better. It can also help you calm down and be more aware.

  • Pets make good friends.

Pets can be loving, honest, and reliable. If you feel alone and have few friends, a pet can help you feel less lonely.

  • Pets satisfy our need to be touched.

Most people feel better when they touch another person. Your heart rate can slow down just by patting a pet.

  • Pets require routine and organize

Most pets need to be fed, cleaned, and taken for walks regularly. It can give you a reason to get up in the morning and keep you going, good for your self-esteem, happiness, and mental health.

  • Pets give people a reason to live.

A pet can give you a sense of purpose, which can help with mental health problems like anxiety and depression. If you have a pet, you’ll never be alone, but you’ll also have to take care of it.

Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY
Ways Dogs Help Humans Reducing Stress DIY
  • Pets help you make more friends.

You can meet more people if you have a pet, especially joining an animal club or a pet show. Going to events, beaches, or parks where pets are welcome can also help you meet more people. You could meet new people while walking your dog or waiting at the vet because you both like animals.

If you have social phobia, which is a fear of being around other people, a pet can help you meet other people who also have pets and improve your mental health.

  • Pets improve your fitness (dog owners)

If you have a dog, walk it every day. It is suitable for both you and your dog. Walking and other forms of exercise are ideal for your mental health and well-being. You can also use the time you spend walking your dog to get in better shape and use the outdoors to help you become more mindful and calm.

Studies have shown that owning a dog is linked to a lower risk of dying over a long period. It may be because of a lower risk of heart disease.

Consult a vet says that if you are thinking about getting a pet, consider whether you can take care of one.

I hope you enjoy this article. If you have questions about dog help to reduce stress management, do it yourself or want to share your own opinion, please leave a comment below.

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How to book your retreat at homestay

How to book your retreat at homestay

How to book your retreat at Homestay

Now is the time to plan a retreat at the Kluang Homestay villa. Malaysians are becoming more progressive due to their high standard of life and proximity to countries with higher income levels. As a result, Malaysians may afford to own a car and drive to see their friends or loved ones more frequently.

Prefer Homestay Over Hotel in Malaysia
Prefer Homestay Over Hotel in Malaysia

As a result of the increased demand, Malaysians are suddenly discovering a gold mine for extra passive income. Homestay, a kind of fungus blooming out of a downfall, is also acknowledged in various sections of the country. The dilemma now is how to book a Kluang Homestay property without using a third party.

How to book your retreat at Homestay

Isn’t it more cost-effective to book directly?

You can find homestays in various shapes and sizes in several structures. Malaysian Homestay is unlike any other country globally because of its distinct culture. For a night or two, the guest stays at the Homestay. Homestay owners  are retirees or part-timers.

Similarly, I followed the latest trend by renovating the Kluang Homestay villa. I spend most of my time running a Homestay and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But I’m delighted I made good use of my time by adding to economic friction.

The reason for checking into Kluang Homestay is foremost. What is the purpose of fitting into a Homestay? The guest knows better. It could be a wedding reception, a wedding engagement, a birthday celebration, or a conference.

A guest recently asked for a BBQ set and a 3-in-1 multipurpose cookware set. Of course, I complied ultimately with their request.

How to book your retreat at homestay
How to book your retreat at Homestay

How to book your retreat at Homestay

Set the time limit.

Be explicit about how long you’ll be staying at a Homestay. Because it is a per-day cost, you may need to extend your stay due to unanticipated circumstances. However, like a hotel, Homestay may have a sophisticated booking for other visitors, which is regrettable.

One visitor may check out during peak seasons, such as school holidays or weekends, and another may check in on the same day. I had a guest who requested a daily extension. I politely declined his offer, explaining that they would have to check into a hotel and incur an additional fee.

How to book your retreat at homestay
How to book your retreat at Homestay

How to book your retreat at Homestay

Most homestays operate on a part-time basis. For further information, please contact the owner or visit their websites, Happyjamin.com or Kluanghomestayvilla.com. If you have any doubts, please contact the owner to confirm the number of guests who can stay.

A request for one or two beds is usually not a problem. However, if your group is more significant than 20, the Homestay is only appropriate for 12 or 13; the owner may gently decline your request.

TRANSPORTATION Once again, it is better to look for a Homestay near the destination you intend to visit. There’s no point in remaining closer than 10 kilometres; it’s time-consuming and wasteful of your petrol money.

I’m sure you’d curse yourself with the last snag if you didn’t conduct extra study checks on the transportation aspect.

How to book your retreat at homestay
How to book your retreat at Homestay

As previously stated, most homestays do not provide meals unless pre-arranged during the booking process. The Homestay where you are staying should not be more than 5 kilometres away from such establishments.

Like my Happyjamin or Kluang Homestay Villa , a seamless driving to Mc Donald’s 24 drive-through outlets but just five and other most popular dining hotspots and malls. It helps you save both time and money.

Contact the host of the Homestay How to Reserve a Retreat Kluang Happyjamin Homestay. In reality, most business owners post a contact number on Facebook or an online website. Is it difficult to contact the host directly rather than booking through a third-party platform?

Nobody runs a nonprofit business without charging a 15 to 18 per cent commission. Deal with the host directly. No host is so foolish as to trick you out of a few hundred dollars when they have invested thousands of dollars in acquiring a building to run a Homestay.

How to book your retreat at homestay
How to book your retreat at Homestay

The guest has the choice of who they must influence. It’s your choice. The host will usually ask for a 50 per cent deposit to confirm your reservation—a written in black and white.

How to book your retreat at Homestay

There was no explicit agreement. It’s easier to make a deposit when you know the exact check-in date. It is frequently done to avoid not receiving a booking confirmation or overbooking.

After being booked three times by a third party with no upfront payment, in all honesty, three foreigners failed to arrive on the scheduled check-in date. They didn’t return my call, even though I had to shop for cleaning services every day the day before.


In another case of overbooking, they put an e-banking deposit on the same day but at a particular time because two people overbooked them. Of course, I had to give the earlier guest who bank in first . They were both arrived the same time coincidentally in the evening. As a rule, first come first serve. I felt sorry for the rejected visitor, but I had no choice.

How to book your retreat at Homestay

We ask the guest to pay the balance amount during check-in while concurrently handling the key. Unlike any other, it is a win-win situation for the entire collection during the booking.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, you could not make the trip and were forced to seek a refund or check into a different hotel or Homestay.

To summarise, dealing directly with Homestay owners is less expensive and more accessible than using a third-party platform. For a quick booking of a Kluang Homestay villa, call 013-7839857.




Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Kluang home stay villa – enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa.  Kluang Home stay Villa is an Orchard Sanctuary ideal weekend getaway for the entire family or group.Kluang home stay villa has two single-story semi-detached units on a corner lot.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Surrounding of Kluang home stay villa

It takes 5 kilometers to get to downtown, the railway station, the bus station, the shopping mall, and the cinema complex.

Also within a few minutes drive are a supermarket, a petrol kiosk, and a 24-hour McDonald’s outlet.

The north-south highway is approximately ten kilometers from the Kluang Homestay villa.

The Kluang stadium is only a 5-minute drive away.

Likewise, Take a 5-minute drive to the Kluang Merdeka O’clock Tower.

In addition, we provided a security guard operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We constructed a five-foot fence wall to ensure privacy.
The owner planted pineapple and Thai sunkirt orange mangosteen, pandan, coconut, , longan and durian trees.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Benefits of staying at Kluang home stay villa

To escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. We occasionally saw a group of monkeys leaping from tree to branch.
We also see early birds singing melodiously on the tree branches.
For us to overcome our stressful lifestyle, the Kluang homestay villa is a great place to unwind over the weekend, for a birthday party, or a wedding engagement. A 650-square-foot space with a 20-foot-high ceiling for improved ventilation. The hall adjacent to the dining hall can comfortably seat 20-30 people.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Facilities at Kluang Home stay Villa

We equipped the main bedroom with air conditioning, a fan, a dressing table, an attached bathroom, and a water heater: a king-size bed and a single bed.
The owner installed Two rooms with air conditioning fans, one with a queen-size bed and the other with a king-size bed.
There is another room with a fan, a single bed, a queen-size bed, and a 15-foot-high ceiling.
The kitchen includes a washing machine, kettle, sink, and cup. We supply dining utensils.
In the dining hall, there is a dining table. We hang a wall mirror, a fan, and a dim light.
A sofa set is prominently displayed in the main hall, dominated by a coffee table..
We also provide a prayer mat with Qibla directions for Muslims.
We positioned an ironing board in a prominent hall corner for ironing.
All shower rooms fitted with water heater.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Details on Kluang Home stay Villa

The number of rooms is four on each unit.
The number of shower rooms is two for each unit .
Maximum number of adults: 12

Each unit requires an RM200.00 confirmation deposit.
Contact or WhatApps  the owner at the following phone number: 013-7839857.

No 1, Jalan 14/4, Tmn Permata 1, 86000, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia; we do not provide a fridge  in the kitchen.
We install a fan on the 15 feet height ceiling in room. The other three rooms fitted  with air-conditioned. The price we offer is RM350.00 per night.

No 3, Jalan 14/4, Tmn Permata 1, 86000, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. We equipped four air-conditioned rooms with a two-door refrigerator priced at RM400.00 per night.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Home stay villa in Kluang Outdoor Recreation

Tthe only mountain in the heart of Kluang is a day trip Gunung Lambak mounting climbing. Enjoy the fresh air and green lung house and closer relationships among family members. It is only a 2-kilometer walk from the town center. The resident frequently sees a large group of friends climbing the peak.

Occasionally, you’d come across a whole family having a picnic at the resort’s pool’s crystal clear stream flowing from the mountain top. Those schoolchildren go out for fun and keep an eye by the teachers in charge.

When the flower blossom season is in full swing in March and April and July and August, you don’t have to spend a few thousand dollars traveling to Japan to see the Sakura flowers in bloom. It is only in Kluang that you can see it.

Furthermore, Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest (Belumut) in central Johor is a protected forest located about 30 kilometers northeast of the town of Kluang. Belumut has a clear stream of water that is strewn with rocks and has a sandy bottom. There are also a lot of insects and wild animals. It is also crucial.

The damselflies are the main attraction for the macro photographers who come here in groups. As a result, some refer to this location as “damselfly heaven.”

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House? Do you own several properties?  Do home stay or rent out? Yes, what are your options? Do you give it much thought? Do your consultations begin with your spouse, a family member, or a group of friends? What conclusion have you reached?

Your mind is a battleground where everything is possible. Do you want to do home stay  or rent it out?Regardless of the outcome, I applaud your decision to rent, as the majority of people chose the easy way out.

My partner and I both had an nasty and unpleasant time. Prior to going to bed, I experienced an interminable nightmare. Malaysia was placed on lock-down, as there had been no public flight between East and West Malaysia for nearly two years. My late mother-in-law left behind a house when her younger son died of throat cancer in March 2021.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House
Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House


Rent out Vacant house

Our ordeal began when a stranger unlawfully occupied the vacant house and converted it into a tiny woodworking shop. Despite our shrieks at the gate, no one emerged from the house.

My partner gets weary, like a zombie, when confronted with such a vexing subject. We turned off the water supply to the residence to evict the unauthorized occupant. However, we were required to pay Rm154.34 for water usage from June to December 2021.

Even without a water source, the craftsman was able to live comfortably in the house. This is quite upsetting to us.

We disconnected the electricity source, leaving us with only the Hudson option. Despite this, we met numerous roadblocks. The illegal tenant refused to open the iron grill in order for the authority to shut off the supply. The executive in charge contacted me to inform me that their technician confronted the tenant in a rude manner, attempting to axe them for their second attempt.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

He advised me to file a police report. What the hell is going on!
I made a total of five trips to the utilities board. Now I’m required to visit the police station, which the majority of Malaysians despise.

During the COVID-19 Sop in Malaysia, I waited patiently for nearly two hours. After learning of my plight, a very helpful Johorean police officer made all effort to write the complaint. I was ecstatic to share high tea with my wife and friend, who selflessly extended her hand and drove around in her car following her retirement. However, they never materialized.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House
Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Soon after, the Johorean police called to ask for my assistance in to consult  his sergeant superior, whose office was located a few kilometers away.
Indeed, we faced an impossible problem in locating the station due to the presence of numerous dead-end roads. We have finally arrived. I inquired at the front desk but was directed to climb to the third level to meet the sergeant.

To me, climbing the staircase feels like climbing Mount Everest with my right knee osteoarthritis and neuropathy. The climb took 15 minutes, with each step wrought with nerve pain. Atlas, we finally met once all the formalities were completed. I bide him politely and descended the shaky, frightening, black stairway.

To add insult to injury, three persons were required to be present simultaneously for the technician to remove the electrical meter. For us, it is a matter of spontaneous communication! Finally, we completed the task.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

The police informed me that the tenant would vacate the premises within three days, but this did not transpire. We went there to retrieve the key from the tenant; he entertained us by playing hide and seek with us. I sought guidance from the sergeant.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House
Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

As the owner of the property, you are free to do as you like. I removed the padlock and replaced it with our stainless steel padlock. All of his tools and uncompleted work were abandoned.

After ten days of being without it, he summoned the courage to call me for the house key. He wishes to spend the night with his eldest son and complete all housework between 7 p.m. and 10 a.m. the following day. I yelled at him to stay away from my house. He went three days without cleaning the house. Do you believe he could complete the task in 12 hours? I have reservations!.

I’m looking for a new tenant; we spent RM700.00 on a professional cleaning and transporter to remove all the recycled wood chips, wooden boards, and some burning. I saved the necessary equipment and unfinished tabletop in order to offset my whole water and electric bill usage. According to my analysis, the residence is unsuitable for use as a home stay.

Do Home stay or Rent out Vacant House

I was in charge of two guesthouse units in Kluang Johor. Eco-friendly and fenced, the community is ideal for the home stay, which is flanked by fruit trees. I hired a part-time stay-at-home parent to clean the house prior to the guests’ arrival the next day. The electrical issue is fixed by a semi-retired hand.

We require cash up front to outfit a home stay with items such as a bed and cot, mattress, table and chair, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and television, as well as other items such as a cupboard and wardrobe and dressing table.
Years are required to recoup the initial investment.

Marketing is critical to survival in this aggressive environment, not only from our colleagues, but also from the hotel sector. Instead of paying for adverts on social media, I established my website and YouTube channel.
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all popular social media platforms.

Survival is a contest of strength. Several fly overnight home stays were permanently closed during the Covid19 pandemic.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Our guests pay an upfront deposit and the remainder upon check-in. There is such a default in payment; unlike the rental, the tenant may occasionally be a week late. The contract agreement has a clause allowing the landlord to charge daily pro-rota interest at a rate of 7% per annum.

Usually, we wave off because the sum is modest, in comparison to the cost of a commercial structure, which might exceed a thousand dollars in a single day.

In any sector, we are certain to come across some unscrupulous tenants. In Johor, I had one tenant who removed my aluminum toilet door upon moving out. As a souvenir, an image of a toilet door.

After three nights of check-in, some Ph.D. research students steal my queen-size coconut fiber bed—no it’s surprise that some people use the Ph.D. abbreviation for Permanent Head Damage.

Do Home stay or rent out your vacant house

What is your decision, based on the preceding narration, whether you own many residential units, rent them out, or home stay? Before leaping to any decision, we should weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

How to travel light tips for backpacking now

How to travel light tips for backpacking now

How to travel light tips for backpacking now?  After all travel light travel isn’t a science, it’s an art. So, what are the 9 essential tips for travel light benefits? Indeed, travel light is hard. But it’s totally worth it! Once you force yourself to travel smarter and lighter, your life on the road becomes so much easier. Thus, it is sensible to travel light with a lot of benefits. With the cumbersome bag not to mention the overweight fine, but also it strains your fragile body due to heavyweight bags on the shoulder. 

Finally, you’ll feel like a bird, not traveled like a mule.

In the first place, are we packing for a visit or vacation? Seasoned travelers will pinpoint telling you the rookie most often makes the fundamental mistake is overpacking their bag. Surely, we would like to pack for any unpredicted weather, but that doesn’t mean packing our entire life into a suitcase.

Moreover, in order to enjoy your seamless flight (and your journey) less stressful, I’ve curated an inventory of the highest packing tips for traveling light which is the utmost priority.

How to travel light tips for backpacking now 1
Traveler Man with backpack hiking Travel Lifestyle concept mountains on background Summer journey adventure vacations outdoor


Travel Light Tips

1. Pick the proper Hand carrying Bag

In fact, there is no such hand-carrying luggage fixed in all sizes compartment in-plane or train. But, however, the truth is that many travelers overlook the practicality of their bag and just purchase any ole’ carry-on that manages to suit within the overhead cabin. Moreover, several important several factors need to take into consideration when choosing the simplest sort of hand luggage bag on travel.

Firstly, you’ll need to choose the dimensions of your bag. Likewise, size limitations vary from carrier to carrier, so you ought to always countercheck together with your specific airlines to verify your hand carrying fits the bill. Also, the hand carrier bag varies on different size restrictions for domestic airlines and international airlines.

Secondly, use your wisdom carefully to select the choice of bag to travel in during your journey. In fact, backpacks are easier to hold if you’re on the go, like island hopping through Thailand or riding trains through Norway. You won’t need to worry about hauling an important suitcase up several flights of stairs or through cobblestone alleys.

How to travel light tips for backpacking now
How to travel light tips for backpacking now

Travel Light tips use Light hand luggage


If you’re traveling on hand only, ensure that your luggage is light!

Again, backpacks also are soft-sided which suggests you’ll squish and squeeze your things into every nook and cranny—especially within the overhead cubicles. Having said that, you ought to try not to pack quite what your back can carry.

On the opposite hand, rolling suitcases are more durable and cause less strain on your body. Although hard suitcases keep your items tidy and neatly arranged, they’re often heavier than soft backpacks. If you select the incorrect suitcase, a big chunk of your luggage weight limit could be haunted by the bag itself. Absolutely, it is not worth it.

2. Handy Personal Item Allowance on Plane

Most airlines allow you to require a smaller, personal item onboard with your overhead hand carry bag. This item should be fit nicely under the seat ahead of you and be spacious enough to carry your valuables, electronic gadgets, and passport.

It’s best to settle on a private item that will be used as a daypack during your trip. Small backpacks, messenger bags, or laptop bags are ideal. Please bear in mind that this isn’t an excuse to pack a second heavy carry-on since you’ll be lugging it around with you wherever you go.

Ladies, don’t waste your personal item on a tiny purse that only holds a couple of things. Instead, believe in bringing a little backpack or large tote since you’ll always tuck your purse inside. Finally, please remember that we should keep some first-aid plasters/gauze and basic medicines, a small bar of soap, and a dried towel in my daypack.

3. Pack Clothes for every week

If you’re traveling for just a couple of days, you almost certainly won’t run into issues fitting your clothes into a piece of hand luggage. However, packing the proper items for a visit longer than a week could be a mammoth task.

A good rule of thumb is to pack only one week’s use of clothing. That is the maximum.

If you’re traveling for an extended period of your time, simply plan on doing laundry during your trip. Unless you’re blessed with access to a washer or dryer, you would possibly find yourself washing dirty clothes within the sink. For this reason, clothes that will be washed and simply air-dried (i.e. quick-dry underwear) should have first priority on your packing list.

4. Bring Clothes which will Be Layered

How to travel light tips for backpacking now

Layer your clothing for handy travel!

You should wear a minimum of five layers on this brisk morning in the winter season.

Since you’re traveling with just a handy traveling organizer bag, you’ll get to be selective about what sort of clothes to bring. The main key to packing light is to bring clothes which will be layered. Not only will multiple layers take up less space in your bag than one giant coat, for instance, they’re going to also keep you warm during all sorts of situations and provide you more outfit options to figure with.

This is very true if you’re traveling to different climates. You’ll wear your lighter layers like tank tops or T-shirts when it’s warm, and layer up with sweaters and mid-layers when it’s cold.

Leave those chunky knit sweaters and heavy coats for any reception. That’s where they’re most useful.

5. Choose the proper Toiletries

Many travelers know that bringing full-size shampoo or an outsized bottle of lotion in the hand-carrying bag is forbidden. Besides complying with TSA’s liquid allowance, there are several other tips of which even the foremost experienced travelers will want to avoid.

If you’re staying during a hotel, then using the provided shampoo, conditioner, and lotion may be a no-brainer. Most hotels even have toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and shaving soap for free of charge if you ask the front desk.

Another option is to bring solid toiletries like solid soap, sunblock, and detergent. They’re usually compact in size and don’t fall under the TSA liquid category. Fellas, you’ll even get solid cologne bars so you don’t need to carry heavy glass bottles with you once you travel.

And if you’re really tight on space, just leave the toiletries behind. As long as you’ve got your necessary medication, contacts lens or sunglasses, etc., you’ll purchase the other basic items once you arrive.

6. Be Selective About Footwear for travel light tips 

Hand carries bag travel on the Train

Wearing versatile shoes may be a must!

Let’s face it—packing the proper pair of shoes isn’t easy. Not only are the bulk of shoes bulky, but they also take up large amounts of space in your hand carries.

The key’s to bring shoes that are versatile and cozy. I know, it’s easier said than done. But trust me; nothing is worse than getting blisters on your first day and not wearing that specific shoe for the remainder of the trip.

Two pairs should do the trick. One comfortable pair for walking or hiking, and another pair which will be dressed up or down. If you’re jet-setting somewhere tropical or warm, swap the second pair for flip-flops or sandals.

As a side note, you ought to always wear the bulkier of the 2 pairs on the plane so as to release extra space in your bag. We’ll get to more of that during a bit.

7. Use Compression Bags or Packing Cubes for Travel light tips 

Even if you’re diligent about packing only the bare necessities, you continue to might find that space may be a little tight in your hand carry. Don’t fret, because compression bags and packing cubes are here to save lots of the day!

Compression bags allow you to squeeze more into every inch of usable space. You place your clothes inside the plastic compression bag and deflate all the air out until the bag is flat and compacted. Thus, this protects plenty of space (upwards of 80 %!) and allows you to suit more into your hand carry.

Packing cubes work a touch differently. Unlike compression bags, packing cubes are durable, fabric containers that stack neatly in your suitcase or backpack. Once you arrive in your hotel or hostel, you’ll have all of your shirts, pants, socks, and underwear separated into individual cubes. While they will save a touch space, their main function is to stay your bag organized and your clothes wrinkle-free.

8. Roll rather than Fold

Hand carrier Luggage

When you roll your clothes, you’ll fit tons more into a smaller space!

It’s the good packing debate—should you roll or fold your clothes?

If you’re traveling backpack and need to suit more items into your bag, then rolling is certainly the thanks to going. Expert travelers like me swear by the rolling method for packing more items into tight spaces. Clothes that are rolled are more compact and space-saving than clothes packed within the traditional folded way.

You are well worth the overtime and energy to suit everything neatly into your hand carry. The rolling method also avoids those pesky creases that you simply get from folding. Rolling leaves you (and your clothes) happy and wrinkle-free. Am I right?

How to travel light tips for backpacking now
How to travel light tips for backpacking now

9. Wear what you’ll During Check-In

One of the most important aspects of space-saving hand-carry tips is to wear the maximum amount as you’ll while in transit. Whatever is on your body doesn’t count towards the airline weight limit! By wearing your heaviest jacket, bulkiest shoes, and thickest sweaters, you’ll release plenty of space in your luggage.

And don’t forget, airplanes are notoriously cold, so this trick does the double trick for you.

This tactic is particularly handy when you’re traveling to a colder climate and need to bring an outsized parka or coat. Save yourself the struggle of jamming a puffy jacket in your suitcase and wear it on the plane instead.

In a pinch, you’ll also release space from your smaller, personal item. You can stuff small valuables like sunglasses, books, and phone chargers into your coat pockets.

By now, you ought to be a packing pro able to combat the planet of lightweight, hand carries only travel! By following these space-saving tips and rules, I do know you’ll not have any problem traveling with just a hand carry. Not only will you be free from the burden of an important bag, but you’ll be liberal to roam the planet wherever your journey decides to require you.

Finally, the above 9 are for travel light tips.  Remember to pack light for your next travel 

Remember, you’re not packing a little; you’re packing more wisely and efficiently.


How to travel light tips for backpacking now 2


7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now

7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now

7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now, it is a phenomenon trend.
A homestay is, a part of someone’s home renovated into a guesthouse. For first-time travelers particularly, a homestay can feel less stressful than a hotel. Very often the hotel crowd with people from all of life and their rigid hotel rule.

Normally, the homestay host is friendlier and can afford to mingle with their valued guest without any restriction. Thus, they can afford to cater personalized service to the demand of a few guests. Unlike the hotel caters with a large group of patrons. This a crucial factor of which the hotel cannot provide for.

The 7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel.

In fact, no one knows better than the local resident in that area. The native residents know their place in the fingertip. With all to update information which others cannot access to it., the best tour guide is none other than the homestay owner. Even you check on their internet for the details, mostly are repetition and outdated that misleading and landed you in the wrong location. Therefore trust your host for information where to travel and what to route to avoid.

Plus, homestay owners with the vast of knowledge with regard to their own native land. They suggest shortcuts and scenic routes to their guests, creating exploring all place with a lot of convenient on time and money-saving. On the other hand, the hotel guest would not have the luxury information which imparts by the hotel management. Thus, often reported that the scrupulous tourist guide conned the guest, even the guest lose their life in the end. 

The best native authentic cuisine

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now 3
7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now

After all, the homestay guests can have a taste of their lifetime by having 100% local cuisine. In Malaysia, regardless, of the host, you can savor the taste of Malaysian famed “Nasi Lemak”, “the tarik” “ Hainanese Coffee” “ toasted bread with butter and peanut or homemade “Kaya”. If the lady luck is on your side, you can savor irresistible “Hainanese Chicken Rice”. Of course, not to mention the Malaysia famous “Stay”, it can be the choice of chicken, mutton, beef, or ham. Or even the cute rabbit meat. Homestay guest depends on where you are putting up for a couple of night.

Malaysian Food

Try the Penang “Laksa” and “Nasi Kandar” Kedah and Perlis “ Nasi Ambang” Johor “Laksa”, Sarawak “Koh Lok Mee” and Sarawak Laksa. In fact, each and every state of Malaysia has own identity like the well known “Melaka Nyonya Cookies and cooking”, a fusion of Malay and Chinese cooking using a lot of fresh local herbal leaves.

Almost, all the Malaysian food using the abundant supply of coconut milk to enrich their aromatic and sweet taste of the cooking. All the delicious food mainly serves hot to the guest. So lady, please enjoy your meal at the guest house without counting the calories intakes for a few days. After all, consume moderately, would not add a few inches of fat belly.

7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now

More peace and quiet

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now 4
7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now

If you are traveling with the intention to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, this is a good choice. At any point of the time, you will find a homestay with less than 10 people around. This means it offers you a sense of peace and quiet atmosphere. Whereby you can enjoy the blissfulness with family members and close relative and friend in a spacious main hall without any interruption from outsiders.

The hotel caters for busily business travel. Obviously, it builds on the location with good infrastructure within the clogged business district. Whereas, the homestay find in isolated or even remote area with unspoiled, unfrequented visit offer you a restoring solitude.

Responsible tourism

7 Best Reasons for staying at Homestay over a hotel now 5
7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now

By staying at a homestay, you are contributing to the livelihood of the local community. Through homestays have now become quite common and are available in more cosmopolitan cities as well, and in some remote area like those in the Borneo Island. Most probably, you need to trek through against the virgin equatorial forest, wade through a small stream, hilly and mountainous range in order to arrive at your ideal destination. But nevertheless, the hard effort paid off by the replenishing fresh air in the end. The local inhabitant depends on make wooden handicraft, weaving traditional textile fabric like tablecloth and decorative item.

Local Produce

All year-round, the guest throngs the area to buy the local produce to bring back as a souvenir to their loved one. Spreading the good words of the past visitor, it brings more revenue to the native, consequently enhanced their economic status. In the Kluang homestay villa, my guest often visits the local coffee kiosk, after drinking, they often buy some fresh made aromatic coffee powder back home. Coupled with the plummet oil palm price, it raises the standard living of the local community. In fact, it is another form of giving back to the society where you travel.

Friendship bonding

I have mingled with my guest from all walks of life, be a foreigner or local from other states. An ex retiree cops, dermatologist, surgeon, research student, enforced officer, lawyer, grey hair entrepreneur, you never know whom you encounter on your travels, whose home you end up staying at. Homestay owners are extrovert, a good entertainer conservationist that can brighten your day. With their open heart, they can talk about any topic with you under the sky. In the end, they might build up an eternal friendship.

I too have guest visited more than 3 times to my Kluang Homestay villa, having a heart to heart talk. Unlike the hotel with a freaking smile to their entire guest, when confront the staff. This is one of the pros of staying at homestay over a hotel.

Economical cost

The only pragmatic reason for staying a homestay over a hotel is, of course, that it’s cheaper, often by half. It doesn’t come with 16% service tax like in the hotel outlet that paying through your nose. Thus, less you less money to explore some outdoor activities like mountain trekking. Similarly, at the time, some homestay providing all 3 meals with an afternoon high tea service with some local cookies. Provide some useful tips for shortcut route and budget eating outlet in the unexplored area.

With plenty of extra cash, the money can stretch a bit longer like affordable extra sightseeing excursion or trek which is not possible putting in hotel accommodation. So yes, this is one of the main deciding factors for staying at homestay over a hotel.

In view of the above point, there are 7 best reasons for staying at homestay over a hotel now.

10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now


10 best reasons at Happyjamin Kluang homestay now

Guesthouse – a perfect retreat for social gatherings like weeding & birthday party.

First and foremost, I am a retiree looking for some spare cash and instead of ideal my leisure time in front of Idiot Box 24 hours a day or playing the latest game on my gadget. Without any daily activities, one getting aged faster as the days goes by. Very often, you heard old buddies gossiping about someone kissed the world forever goodbye like one of best buddies dies prior to 60. How sad indeed!. With some extra cash, I purchased 2 units of semi-detached single floor villa side by side to run a hospitality Kluang homestay service catering for people from all walks of life, regardless of race, creed and religion.

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now

A Single Floor

As it is a single floor, again, after all the chance for kids, senior citizens and pregnant women find no obstacle to walk about, most often kids run around foolishly and landed with a fracture limp. A pregnant woman tripped and fell from the staircase causing a miscarriage. Moreover, grey-haired elderly might slip and fall resulting in a slicing disc. Equally, important are the handicapped people with a knee injury or heart patient find it breathless to climb due restricted mobility.

Affordable Semi-detached Homestay Kluang

Not to mention do a semi-detached comprise both units side by side, Again, it is convenient to run a social gathering either for a wedding or birthday party. In the end, it saves quite a substantial amount of your precise and valued for your money. Conveniently parked 2 cars in the corridor with stainless gated, addition, guest can park along the traffic-free roadside adjourned in of the semi-detached. One unit with 4 rooms boosted with 3 air-conditioned and one water heater go for RM 350.00 per night. Another 4 air-conditioned rooms with 2 units of water heater charge merely RM 400.00 per night. As a matter of fact, others quote us RM 850.00 the most premium homestay in Bat town, which is NOT TRUE. So, these are the 10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now.

5 feet concrete wall Fence

Moreover, the happyjamin Kluang homestay was built on a 5 feet concrete wall fence between both the units to ensure the privacy of the check-in guests. I have entertainment guests from the ASEAN region, Australia and as far as Canada. The guest simple loves the eerie silent refreshing atmosphere. By the same token, would you like to stay in a noisy and crowded area for a perfect weekend retreat, I am sure you wouldn’t. Am I right? 

Orchard Sanctuary

As a matter of fact, our human activities have heated up the globe. Not to mention the recent the burning of Amazon basin in Brazil. Action speaks louder by words, I cherish the mother earth the gives us living in the cool atmosphere. By the same token, I do my part by planting some tropical fruit trees around the compound. It gives my guest cool and refreshing air. As the night falls, especially, during a rainy day my guest switched off air-conditioning, using the fan instead for soundlessly sleep. All things considered, do you like to check in an inn without a tree around? To sum up, in the long run, we help to go green by reducing the electricity consumption, in a way by giving back to the society without increase our guest rate for the past 3 years, unlike other with yearly price upward adjustment.

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now
10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now

24 hours Security Guard

In light of the safety of the guest, Kluang homestay -a gated community provide with 24 hours security guard. After all, the guard goes patrolling around the area every one hour. In addition, a watched closed circuited TV area was installed at various strategic locations. To say nothing of, a friend of mine from Singapore complaint to me he had a nasty experience of check-in in a family home without any fencing yard. It was a peaceful night for him. The next morning, to his horror, he discovered four of his Michelle tires had been wheeled off. A painful lesson indeed learns for him, saves a penny and finally, losing an arm. To sum up, coupled with a public holiday and Sunday, I became his free driver for a day. 


Ideally, the building is located a 5-minute drive to the Bat town Center. Having said that, the Singaporean guest has a good bargain at some outlet, with the exchange between S$1 equally to Malaysian Ringgit of 3, they shop until they drop with a full load of merchandise in their car compartment. Ideally, bargain for organic produces like freshly plunged fruit and harvested vegetable. A merely 10 minutes land you to the North-South expressway exist. Bring back your sweet memory home. 

Government Building & Private Hospital 

Conveniently, it is situated a stone throw away from the Government department, like Immigration to renew your international passport. National Registered department for registration of the arrival of newborn for identity card registration. Income Tax building for the tax inquiry matter clustered closed by with each other. You need a merely 1-minute drive from the villa. A new private hospital will unveil soon somewhere in December 2019. The less than 5 minute’s journey depends on peak or off-peak season for someone needs to take care of their sick family member.

Eating Outlet round the O’clock

Not to mention, the McDonald drive-through outlet is just 2 minutes drive. The guest loves it so much without any fuss. Besides, there are many eating outlets that cater for Halal food at the Medan Selera for Malaysian favourite Namsi Lemak, Roti Canai. In fact, you are spoiled for choices. Of course, ideally, you can hang around day in and out at the Mamak stall watch your idol football star. Of course, there are ample choices of authentic food like the Famed healthy Desa Bryrani and non-halal Botak curry mee located about 4 Kilometers away from happyjamin homestay.

Famous Coffee Outlets.

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now
10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now

There is 400+ coffee Kiosk within the town, you are in a perplexity position which outlet to have you prefer coffee for the day. Besides the Kluang Railway coffee, there are much more third-generation hand down coffee shops for you to explore. For instance, the Tan Li Seng coffee shop serving charcoal toasted whole meal bread or the traditional Hainan’s bread couple with the butter and the owner shop made Kaya. Occasionally, you are lucky enough you can see how she make the Kaya paste over a charcoal stove. Kaya is a mixture of Egg, Flour, Pandan leave and sugar slowly and gently stirring to form a light brown sweet paste spread with butter. The patron prefers a hot steam coffee with 2 half boiled farm eggs and a slice of toasted bread. It served Malaysian famous Nasi Lemak wrapped in a Banana leaf.

Equally important not to forget the Luwak Coffee at Paloh town garden café serve premium coffee. Try a cup of Luwak coffee that cost RM 188.00 per cup and a piece of Singapore Raffles City Freshly baked out from the oven Cheese. It is princely burn off your pocket with RM 252.30 for an afternoon High tea. But sadly to say, you need an advanced order, because, the Johore Royal family frequent visit there.

Final Verdict on 10 best reasons at Happyjamin Kluang homestay now

Having been saying a matter of fact, all things considered, welcome to check-in for the next perfect weekend retreat at formerly know as Hihiwindy guesthouse. As shown above 10 reasons, you can check in the guest house be it a short term or long term. It is affordable to the public at large it is not exorbitant as another claim to be, you would not burn a hole in your pocket.  In the final analysis with all positive unique factors, what else could ask for Rm 400.00 nowadays in the high inflationary period with our Malaysian ringgit depreciated record low with the dominant US currency? Let us check-in today.

Highlight Facilities

The villa in an orchard sanctuary 013-7839857 is located within the vicinity of the town.  It is ideal retreat for the weekend for the entire circle of relatives or friends.

2 units single-floor semi-detached built side by side in a spacious corner lot.

Five Kilometers journey downtown, railway station, bus station, shopping centre and cinema complex.

It takes 1-2 minutes’ drive giant grocery store, Petron – a petroleum kiosk and 24 hours Mc Donald outlet.

24 hours security shield compound happyjamin homestay Kluang.

Five feet fencing wall to make sure privacy.

Orchard Sanctuary

In a pretty surrounding planted with tropical fruit like such as rambutan, durian, longan, coconut, mangosteen, pandan and lemon, lime, Etlingera elatior and the Rhu tree.

Break out and retreat from the hustle and bustle town centre for care homestay.. Now and then in you stumble across monkeys jumping from tree to branch harvesting and devouring the juicy fruit..

Once in a while, we can see the early birds making a melody song on the tree branches.

Ideally, it is a perfect villa to relax all through the weekend, birthday celebration or wedding engagement.  It is boosted with a 650 square feet spacious hall with 20 toes high ceiling for higher ventilation. The corridor adjoining the dining hall can accommodate spaciously 20-30 human beings.

Kluang Happyjamin Homestay Domestic Infrastructure

The North-south motorway is only 10 kilometres from the homestay.

Travels to Kluang stadium takes only 5 minutes..

You drive five minutes to Merdeka O’clock Tower.


First Unit on Happyjamin Kluang Homestay

No: 1, Jalan
14/4, Tmn Permata 1,Kluang, Johore, Malaysia  

The master bedroom is geared up with air-conditioned, fan, wardrobe and dressing table with attached lavatory, equipped water heater. Complement with a king-size and a single bed.

There is another one middle room equipped with air-conditioned, fan, cupboard with a queen length bed.

End room adjourned to shower air-conditioned room, fan and a computer table furnished king length bed.

Another room with 15 feet excessive ceilings comes with a fan, an unmarried bed, and a queen-size bed. Ideally, this room is special cater for patients with sinus, and cool allergies and senior citizens.

BBQ Area at No 1

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now
10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Kluang Homestay now

In fact, our guests love the front corridor area serves as a BBQ area for social gatherings. There is a long wooden bench to put your food and drink on accompanied by four wooden stools. Guest slice some  Bunga Kantan aka torch ginger flower or torch lily along with some Lime juice to enhance the truly authentic taste of the grilled meat. We plant these organic plants with the guest in mind for their convene ice. Furthermore, to bond the close relationship with family members or buddies by doing tasks together. A unique experience which is most lacking in our society nowadays.

We price at
RM 350.00 per night.
10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now
10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

Economical Kluang Homestay

No:3 Jalan
14/4, Tmn Permata 1, Kluang, Johore, Malaysia

In-Room 1 is fully air-conditioned furnished with oscillating fan,  dress table and stool, wardrobe, attached shower room with water heater. Also, find a single bed for toddlers accompanied by parents retire on a King size bed.

Again Room 2 with a children carton image frame mounted on the wall. Air-conditioned with dress table cater for the mom with a child on a Queen bed, of course not to miss the ceiling fan and wardrobe.

Likewise, Room 3 is customized super king size for a plus-size couple with a dressing table and cupboard with a fan.

Room 4 arrange with a queen and a single bed mean for the good buddies or teens to chat all night long with a fan, air-conditioned, cupboard and 2 small drawers for their latest gadget placement.

Kitchen equipped with a cooking hook, in addition with 2 doors refrigerator and 7 Kg wash machine for big family gathering. Further, we too supply with the cookery set..  Adjoining is a shower room installed with a water heater.

With the
affordable RM400.00 per night, what else could a patron ask for rock bottom

10 Best Reasons for staying at Happyjamin Homestay now

Other Facilities

 Both units kitchens are ready with a fridge, washing device and kettle, sink, cup. Kitchen furnished with eating utensils.

In essence, there’s an eating table at the dining hall. We glued a wall mirror, a ceiling fan and dim-lit light.

Equally important, inside the main hall, find a sofa set, an espresso table, and T.V.

Additionally, we offer the prayer mat for Muslims with Qibla direction.

As can be seen, position an iron board and iron at the predominant corridor corner.

✔ car Park

✔ tv

✔ furniture and fixtures

✔ Kitchen

✔ fridge

✔ Iron & Ironing Board

✔ Air Conditioned

✔ Water Heater

Kluang Homestay Villa information

Range of Rooms: 4

Wide variety of toilets: 2

Max Adults: 12

Check-In Time: 1400 HOURS

Check out time: 1200 HOURS

Advanced deposit RM 200.00 for confirmation booking on each unit.

Please contact the person in charge for more detailed enquiry: Jamin

Can be reached at handphone or WhatsApps:+60 013-7839857

10 best reasons at Happyjamin Kluang homestay now

Full address

1 & 3, Jln 14/4,

Tmn Permata 1

86000, Kluang



Happyjamin Kluang Homestay

Kluang outdoor sports

In fact, likewise for those the endless and dynamic individual for daring adventure, again, a dawn trip to the peak to “Gunung Lambak” for a paramount view of the valley town. Thus, explore the flora and fauna of the secondary forest, experience the clean air and unpolluted crystal clean cool mountain water, a must recommendation for mountain enthusiasm trekkers. After all, with an elevation of 510 meters Mount Lambak lies about 2 Kilometer from the city middle, it gives one a birds eye of the whole town at the summit..

10 best reasons at Happyjamin kluang homestay now

Furthermore, during March and April, July to August, in fact, you don’t want to spend a few thousand dollars travels to Japan for viewing the blossoming Sakura flora. Fortunately, You may see them right here in Kluang as a fraction of the cost..

Additionally, Gunung Belumut recreational forest (Belumut) is a dense forest, another natural landscape in Johor. It is located about 30 km northeast of the metropolis of Kluang.  Gunung Belumut has a crystal clear flow of clear water, strewn with rocks and a sandy backside. As can be seen, generally speaking. there are lots of insects and wild animals. The damselflies’ are the primary stars that attracted the macro photographers that frequent visiting for snapping its exotic beauty. Given this point, thus, it labelled this area as a damselflies’ heaven. With the latest introduction of the Huawei Pro 30 iPhone, you need not carry a bulky DSRL camera to shoot pictures to your heart content.

In the final analysis,, to sum up, based on the given, why not check in the Happyjamin Kluang Homestay for your next visit, after all, it would not cost you an arm or leg. Welcome to Kluang Homestay

Abusive Indonesia in-law devastated Maid being abused

Abusive Indonesia in-law devastated Maid being abused

Abusive Indonesia in-law devastated Maid being abused

Abusive In-Law, Maid abused. To begin with, Malaysian often complaint struggle hard to meet day end meet. After reading the dejection true story in-law abused heartbroken Indonesian maid below, then only we realize how fortune we are living in the rapid raised food price index. So, Please stop air your grievance in the public social media like Facebook, or Twitter.

Abusive Indonesia in-law devastated Maid being abused

A young lovebird often courtship at the open space in the carpet green farm in the sunset. Time did not exist in their dictionary with the 31 years old farmhand and is beloved youthful maiden aged 20. From sunset until the loving lovebird bathed the tenderness of the moonshine. Continually, endless chatting and promises till departed home to retire to bed.

As they rose up in the early dawn heading toward the farm with an empty stomach, drank boiled water and plunged some fruit from the branch for the lunch. Even though, in such hardship, they blamed no one. Honestly, they earned a living toiled hard on the farm for a meager income to keep their body and soul together.Tied


They tied the nuptial knot ending their 2 years courtship. Having said that, the poverty often strikes hard, the arrival of a new born boy. Along living in an extension family with in law, unfortunately heaven often racked havoc to them rain sipping via the thatched roof, they find a dried spot to sleep when the night fall. Often the tropical storm blew off the roofing; they soaked like drenched wet chicken, biting coolness in the gusty wind. Luckily, the newly mother cuddled the infant to her chest wearing a rain coat.

Abusive in-law Maid abused

After breastfeeding her infant son for six months, finally, with the permission from mother-in- law and her hubby, later, she decided to seek greener pasture for the sake of her loving family. Being a strong will power herself, without any regret but she holds her tear to bid farewell to her toddler son crying non-stop at the jetty. It really broke her heart thinking her mother-in-law whether or not she would abuse her son.

Foreign Land

At the age 24, she landed in a foreign land, indeed a culture shock for her with everyone having the latest gadget phone in the hand. The kid too plays non-stop gaming. How fortune the kid!

Fortunately, she put up in a women hostel with 17 Indonesian maids accommodated in 3 separated terraced houses in a row. A fully furnished home, they cook their own food. Thus, the maids woke up daily at 5am to prepare their breakfast and bring lunch in a tiffing box and boiled water. By 7 am sharp, finally the cleaning service company driver will ferry them to 18 respectively homes for cleaning.

10 Hours Non-Stop Working

Laxa (not her real name), she cleans from 7-12 noon for 5 hours non-stop work. Briefly to say that, with only an hour rest with meals on board. An hour later, she commence another 1-6pm cleaning. All together, after 5 years working in Malaysia, she is leaving home for good. Day In and day out, she scarified for the family without any complaint. By the time she arrived home, fully exhausted and lying motionlessly thinking her cute son would get rid of her aching body. Being a gusty lady, she faced the next dawn fully refresh after a soundless sleep.

“Laxa, are you coming back to Malaysia again” I asked.



“I want to nurture my own son”

“I thought you own mother-in-law taking care your son”

Abusive Mother-In-Law & Heartbroken Maid

She sobbed “my mother in law find another younger girl for my hubby, she is so means to me. Even worse like rubbing salt to my wound, my hubby agreed to it” Her eye wetted with tears, “they are so heartless creature on earth, because every month I remitted RM700.00 to home without fail to complete their home, Consequently, I am getting the most inhuman treatment, as they are asking for a divorce on the ground that I do not nursing my son, failed as the duty of a mother”

Wiping off her tears, finally, she continued, “I will fight for custody of my own son and get back my fair deals. Looking at my hand, a long hour of soaped with washing detergent, it starts cracking between the fingers, causing almost disfigured. It is really painful intact with cooking salt.” But, anyhow, I am better off without physically or sexual assault by the host family like my other Indonesian maid.” unfortunately, I no longer can withstand this ill treatment by own family member especially my partner.”

Maid being Abused By Mother-in-Law

Generally speaking, she toiled hard for a living from dawn to sunset only earned RM 1200.00 a month, therefore leaving her only RM500.00 for food and women essential necessities. Truly, no wonder I found out that she often clad in a t-shirt and blue jean to my house cleaning. Sad to say that, with only 4 sets of clothing and 2 pair of shoe, she could ill afford to apply not even the basic lipstick on her lip because she saved every cent for the comfort of her hubby family. Finally, she deserved this kind ill treatment, didn’t she?

Painfully, emotionally traumatized at the tender age, by the way, how many of us can withstand the pain? Conversely, what kind of mother in law on earth? Finally, the so called endless promised by the spouse, indeed the love has flying out from the window. Moreover, it is a phenomenon to hear the abused host on the ill-treatment of the maid. Similarly, her mother-in-law as a woman of herself, whereby, how would she react her own married off daughter being tormented by other in-law.

In fact, I did ask her whether she is willing do partner at my happyjamin.com homestay, she politely turned me down as she need to rest during her only weekly off day.

Finally, I sincerely hope that she would find her true forever.


Hurry On Best Offer For Kluang Homestay Villa

Best Offer for Happyjamin Homestay Hurry Limited Time Only

Hurry On Best Offer For Kluang Homestay Villa

In this sluggish period, our Kluang homestay villa is offer a discount for regular client for a limited period only.  The kluang homestay villa is eco frindly surronded with fruit trees. The Kluang homestay villa is an orchard sactuary in the eye of the city dweller. The cool and refresh is cooling the homestay villa which is lacking in the city concrete jungle. 20 feet high ceiling in the main hall does provided a spacious airy atmosphere in our equotorial climate.  What a relef!

Generally speaking, all business sectors haves the peak and gloom season. Having said that, homestay industry is of no exception during the summer time, tourist often stays indoor stay. With the scorching heat raised to 43 degree Celsius in the Europe, heat wave perished some beggars or homeless on the pavement. Glance the shopping, the store assistant occupied the empty space, cleaning or resorting out the merchandise.

Hurry On Best Offer For Kluang Homestay Villa

Stimulate Sluggish Period.

Grab on price war on hot summer sales, with discount up to 50% for obsolete product or product with soon expired date for departmental store.. As for Happyjamin homestay we reduce the rate to Rm 300.00 for No 1, and RM Jln 14/4, RM 350.00 for No 3 Jln 14/4 during normal day.

Weekend and school holiday, plus eve of public holiday we offer no discount. The charge for NO 1 is RM350.00  and Rm400.00 for No 3, Jln 14/4, Tmn Permata 1, Kluang respectively. Special rate for guest with a duration stay for more than 7 days, depending the number of occupants.

Best Offer for Kluang Homestay Villa

Upgrade Our Facilities

The no 3, we fully furnished 4 rooms with all air-conditioned, 2 water heaters in 2 separate bathroom. Gathered for a long time guest or a big gathering, we boosted a 2 doors refrigerator in kitchen and a 7Kg wash machine.

Privacy Ensure for Kluang Homestay Villa

Both units of single floor semi-detached homestay are fenced with a 5 ft concrete wall to ensure privacy of the homestay guest. Moreover, the 24 hours security guard services provided to ensure the safety of the guest. Leave the guest a peace of mind and have a sound sleep, wake fully charged and refresh the next morning.

Homestay in an orchard sanctuary

Find a homestay planted with fruit trees within the proximity of a town center. You would affirmative a negative answer. But, in Happyjamin.com we planted with tropical fruits like coconut, durian, rambutan, lemon, longan, limau nipis and mongos teen and mango and Thai lychees. The guest has the virgin experience harvested some fruit, like mango, mangos teen, coconut and rambutan. Occasionally, by lady luck, you could stumble upon monkey enjoy chewing the mango up the branches. The fruit trees oxygenated the atmosphere and refresh the hot and humid surrounding.

Single or Double Floor

The guest pee views from outside, the exteriors appearance as if it is a double floor instead of single floor building. Astonishment upon step in, they search for the stair case. Wow, is their expression, praised how cooling the wall with a 20 feet height ceiling. Confrontation during the rainy cool night, some guests switched off the air-conditioned to sleep. The 30 feet long with 20 feet width hall adjourning with a dining hall is best suited for small social gathering. The 650 square feet spacious hall even accommodated for prayers.

Cleanliness Maintenance

Ensuring the comfort of the guest stay, we changed the bed sheet and pillow case. The blanket sends for cleaning and use highest temperature not only drying but also kill the bacterial infection. The chambermaid clean and mop the floor at least one or two days earlier before the guest check in. Similar apply to the bathroom.

Call Now or Whatapps  + 60-013 7839857 for a perfect retreat at Happyjamin.com or Kluang homestay villa. A homestay villa in an orchard sanctuary.

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner's Nightmare

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

Malaysian Homestay

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare is a taboo subject to many homestay owner nightmares. But, the fact we cannot avoid it. Malaysian homestay industry has taken a leap and bound since the inception during the 1989 era. Therefore, city, small town and even village you bound to stumble across many homestay posters binding along the strategy road. In fact, you could hardly miss such gay color billboard with a contact number and extraordinary logo and slogan.

Moreover, everybody jumped into the bandwagon trying to make a quick fortune. Consequently, most of them winded up within a couple of years with many lame ridiculous reasons which are beyond imagination. Nevertheless, people come and go is a normal phenomenon in any industry so likewise for homestay too.

Sluggish Homestay era owner’s nightmare

Notwithstanding, the up and down of the homestay programmers, I too am no exception. Having said this, I experienced during a sluggish period of extensive 6 months on the stretch without any check-in. A day lapsed as if pouring money into the drain, it ached my heart, pondering what was the next best alternative exists. Persistently, I dare not to fail to know Rome was not build in a day.

On Homestay route

Disgusting Homestay Guest Owner’s Nightmare

6 years passed on route to 7, now, my nightmare to begin, not due to slumming period of the year. Here goes my tearful journey.

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

A group of 9 teenagers check-in for a month, working as sales promoter at the shopping mall. Comprising 3 girls and the rest were a young man. They commenced their routine working hours in the late afternoon with all garden lumps switch on 24 hours, returned in the wee hours of the night.

Occasionally, I went to the orchard to get some fresh seedless lemons, noticed they were soundly slumbering like a baby with some snoring loudly penetrated the wall. Luckily, they caused no disturbance to anybody as it is a semidetached corner lot single floor. Rubbish scattered at the front patio for days. Cigarettes butt just discarded out from the window panel. On one fine day, I noticed they dismantled a door padlock dumping at the black rubbish bin just outside the side entrance of the house. A scene of Mumbai Biggest Slum area had shifted to Malaysian soil.

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner's Nightmare
Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

Distress Call

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner's Nightmare
Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

At 1230 hours, I received a call from one of the guest.

“Boss, Can you come back immediately to open my room day”

“Why” I politely asked him.

“I locked the room door, my car key inside the room I need to rush to Johor Baru for a sales promotion at 1500 hours”

“I can’t as I am outstation working, will only be back by 1500 hours the latest.”

“Please call this number for the locksmith for help as he is near the vicinity.”

Homestay Owner’s Nightmare

Upon checking out with four hours extension of no charge, I inspected the house with their leader. To my horror and dismay,

“Why this door has no lock at all, remain an empty hole.”

“I relocated the lock to my room’’

“Then why there is wooden damaged hole beneath the lock?

“The wood was extremely fragile and soft, I punched it with my bare hand.”

The customer is always right as I worked as a night auditor before in a three-star rate hotel.

I believed he either punched the door with a mighty force or hammer with it a blunt object. Thus, the appearance of the hollow wooden panel resulted.

He complained even further stating that the kitchen bathroom doorknob could not open. Was it due to wear and tear?

Upset Gruesome Scene

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner's Nightmare
Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

I discovered the worst horrifying scene at the homestay as if tropical cyclone swept in happyjamin.com homestay. The aftermath seeming would throw out one last night meal. Littered all over the house, with a bottle, bags and bags untied garbage, empty plastic bottle, and some unfinished canned drink. Unwrapped canny paper with human hair lying motionlessly at some corner under the bed I noticed. Dumbfound indeed.

The stained black floor in the wall, bedroom, and kitchen with tiny maggot inch for junk food droplet stumbled across. Moreover, dumped the wiring casting for the washing machine on the floor, was the casting an eyesore to them? Conversely, even dismantled the shower dispenser and dumped it on the bathroom. Prized open the Air-conditioned wiring at one of the room. Enough said, not only, they dismantled a 3 feet x 1-foot mirror mounted on the room wall, uprooted it and relocated on the top of a wardrobe. What a barbarian act worse than those wild mischievous monkey invaded the fruit tree!

“Civic Mindedness Homestay Guest?”

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner's Nightmare
Uncivil Minded Homestay Guests Owner’s Nightmare

What a LOST Y generation of Malaysian? Civic-minded or econ friendly awareness advocated had long ignored and followed into the dead ear. Shall we blame their parent failed to up bring to the mound their character or our Malaysian education system? Asked the Education Minister Mr. Mazlee Malik or their parent for a diagnostics solution. Are we in the developed nation with third-world mentality? 

A shocking truth unveiled to any of the Malaysian homestay owners for next episode, any constructive suggestion I sincerely welcomed.

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