Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Kluang home stay villa – enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa.  Kluang Home stay Villa is an Orchard Sanctuary ideal weekend getaway for the entire family or group.Kluang home stay villa has two single-story semi-detached units on a corner lot.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Surrounding of Kluang home stay villa

It takes 5 kilometers to get to downtown, the railway station, the bus station, the shopping mall, and the cinema complex.

Also within a few minutes drive are a supermarket, a petrol kiosk, and a 24-hour McDonald’s outlet.

The north-south highway is approximately ten kilometers from the Kluang Homestay villa.

The Kluang stadium is only a 5-minute drive away.

Likewise, Take a 5-minute drive to the Kluang Merdeka O’clock Tower.

In addition, we provided a security guard operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We constructed a five-foot fence wall to ensure privacy.
The owner planted pineapple and Thai sunkirt orange mangosteen, pandan, coconut, , longan and durian trees.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Benefits of staying at Kluang home stay villa

To escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. We occasionally saw a group of monkeys leaping from tree to branch.
We also see early birds singing melodiously on the tree branches.
For us to overcome our stressful lifestyle, the Kluang homestay villa is a great place to unwind over the weekend, for a birthday party, or a wedding engagement. A 650-square-foot space with a 20-foot-high ceiling for improved ventilation. The hall adjacent to the dining hall can comfortably seat 20-30 people.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Facilities at Kluang Home stay Villa

We equipped the main bedroom with air conditioning, a fan, a dressing table, an attached bathroom, and a water heater: a king-size bed and a single bed.
The owner installed Two rooms with air conditioning fans, one with a queen-size bed and the other with a king-size bed.
There is another room with a fan, a single bed, a queen-size bed, and a 15-foot-high ceiling.
The kitchen includes a washing machine, kettle, sink, and cup. We supply dining utensils.
In the dining hall, there is a dining table. We hang a wall mirror, a fan, and a dim light.
A sofa set is prominently displayed in the main hall, dominated by a coffee table..
We also provide a prayer mat with Qibla directions for Muslims.
We positioned an ironing board in a prominent hall corner for ironing.
All shower rooms fitted with water heater.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Details on Kluang Home stay Villa

The number of rooms is four on each unit.
The number of shower rooms is two for each unit .
Maximum number of adults: 12

Each unit requires an RM200.00 confirmation deposit.
Contact or WhatApps  the owner at the following phone number: 013-7839857.

No 1, Jalan 14/4, Tmn Permata 1, 86000, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia; we do not provide a fridge  in the kitchen.
We install a fan on the 15 feet height ceiling in room. The other three rooms fitted  with air-conditioned. The price we offer is RM350.00 per night.

No 3, Jalan 14/4, Tmn Permata 1, 86000, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. We equipped four air-conditioned rooms with a two-door refrigerator priced at RM400.00 per night.

Enjoy You Free Casual Weekend at Kluang Home stay Villa

Home stay villa in Kluang Outdoor Recreation

Tthe only mountain in the heart of Kluang is a day trip Gunung Lambak mounting climbing. Enjoy the fresh air and green lung house and closer relationships among family members. It is only a 2-kilometer walk from the town center. The resident frequently sees a large group of friends climbing the peak.

Occasionally, you’d come across a whole family having a picnic at the resort’s pool’s crystal clear stream flowing from the mountain top. Those schoolchildren go out for fun and keep an eye by the teachers in charge.

When the flower blossom season is in full swing in March and April and July and August, you don’t have to spend a few thousand dollars traveling to Japan to see the Sakura flowers in bloom. It is only in Kluang that you can see it.

Furthermore, Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest (Belumut) in central Johor is a protected forest located about 30 kilometers northeast of the town of Kluang. Belumut has a clear stream of water that is strewn with rocks and has a sandy bottom. There are also a lot of insects and wild animals. It is also crucial.

The damselflies are the main attraction for the macro photographers who come here in groups. As a result, some refer to this location as “damselfly heaven.”

How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?

How to slim down fast for Asian's Fattest Malaysian?


How to slim down fast for Asian’s fattest Malaysian? Notoriously named as the Asian’s  Fattest Malaysian recently. What does it imply? Malaysians consumed too much food, coupling with the lack of exercise and sleep deprivation. In fact, we love deep-fried banana coating flour for the snack in the morning and afternoon. On top of that, too lazy or no time for the 30 minutes work out even for a single day. No wonder we are indeed labeled the Asians Fattest Malaysian. Blame our stressful lifestyle! Now, the question is ” How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?”

How to slim down fast for Asian's Fattest Malaysian?
How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?

When I was traveling to another nation like China and Vietnam, I hardly see fat people walking around the street. It is a refreshing morning, crowded green park with people doing the exercise like dancing, singing or practicing tai chi.
“Is it only the weekend the park is full of people?” I asked the people around.
“No, it is a normal daily routine to people here, regardless of rain or shine. They are doing this form of relaxing exercise not only for a healthy body but also for prolonged their lifespan with less illness.”

Slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian

Whereas in Malaysia, It is a sunny weekend morning,  but sad to say hardly seen any soul there, merely a few gray hair couples. Sitting on the wooden bench massaged their tired legs after walking a few around circulating the small pebble pavement in an almost deserted park.

Uniquely, the opposite food court building packed with a throng of people queuing up for their table. The owner proudly displayed a signboard, ” No vacant seat” in the middle of the hallway. As can be seen, it was so packed like a can of sardine, even a mosquito cannot accommodate there. The cashier machine noise is not non-stop for more than a minute, the cashier is busy changing the note with the happy full stomach customer.

Reason for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian

“Double “Rati Canai” with 2 kung fu frying an egg, a “The Teh Tarik” with sweetened condensed milk.
“One nasi lemak with 2 pieces of fry drumstick”
In another store, one customer shouting out loudly.
“One wanton mee with more barbecue meat”
“One curry mee with more cockerel”
“Four cendol with more coconut milk”
“Two pieces of the Chapati with mutton curry, fast please”

How to slim down fast for Asian's Fattest Malaysian?
How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?

Asian’s Fattest Malaysian Clothing Size XL or XXL size

Again, you can see during year-end sales in the department store, attracting a throng of frantic buying people. Sadly, what remained among a heap of mountain clothing remains unsold, the small and medium clothing occupy the trolley. You would be over the moon and the woman luck upon you as you will go to strike the lottery ticket, if you can find one clothing label with XXL or XL or L. Nevertheless, In school and street, you can stumble across a lot of the chubby, but not the slim smart student.

Slimming business for  Asian’s Fattest Malaysian

Apart from that, not to forget the rolling business for the elegant posh and customized design slimming beauty centers. In fact, there is a bee queue of people willing to spend up 5 figures of money shaping back to their youth day. In the first place, ask yourself “is it worth your money?” Moreover, it used heat to perspire your sweat out instantly. Of course, you see the immediate result before and after using the heating element in the square box completely concealed. Furthermore, in the long run, in the same manner, you gain weight even faster after the slimming program.

Tips of how to slim down fast in 4 months.

Of course,  I did that in 3 months losing about 21 Kg in 4 months, a simple method to try it out in your own leisure time. Not to mention a healthy look on you, envy by others. After all, it does not costs you a fortune to do that.

Doing the ab muscles in a rhythmic fashion can stimulate a bowel movement. Works it out for 5 to 10 minutes crunches, likewise. reverse crunches and butterfly crunches are effective choices.

After brushing your teeth, gushing down at least 500 ml of lukewarm plain water. Your stomach has the feeling of the fullest. It not only promotes the bowel movement and also, passing out the toxin and fat, consequently avoiding constipation too.

Avoid sugar for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian

Taking your breakfast 30 minutes interval, sipping only 1 cup of black tea or coffee with pieces or two slices of steamed or just plain high fiber wholemeal bread. No sugar, please. Preferably you can consume a red apple or banana or guava or orange or papaya. Avoiding green apple or pineapple as it is too acidic torture your way to gastric ulcer or cancer over long-term consumption. Replacing bread with a bowl of porridge sprinkled with a few drops of sesame oil or virgin extract olive oil and a hard-boiled egg. No fried egg, please.

Upon reaching the office, parking your car at least 100 to 200 meters from the office building. Walking a healthy exercise in the bucolic surroundings as the air is fresh.

How to slim down fast for Asian's Fattest Malaysian?
How to slim down fast for Asian’s Fattest Malaysian?

Reduced Carbohydrates Intake by Half

Eating your fancy food during lunch hour, but no deep-fried or processed nugget or similarity. Takes half part of your daily intake of rice, preferably with a cup of plain water. No sugary drink or soft drink. Sugary drink makes you grow fatter.

Before you go to do 45 to 90 minutes of work out after work. Chewing a bar of dark chocolate (not the sugary crap) with mineral water to prevent you from feeling hungry during the burns out exercise. Do it at the gym or walking in the green park. No talking or reading or playing with your handphone just concentrated on it.

Eat Fresh Fruits

Consuming 2 fresh red apples or a sweet mango substituting the normal meal or drink hot dark chocolate with a slice of wholemeal. Or a bowl of noodle vegetable soup with sprinkled with a few thin slices of fish meat. Feeling hungry, piped it with plenty of water, sustaining, with a large amount of high fruit fiber, and limitation on few carbohydrates.

8 hours of Sleep

Retiring to bed by 11 pm or 12 midnight the latest, the body toxin expelling during the golden hour from 11 pm 3 am. Consequently, obesity is the result of depriving 7 to 8 hours of sleep.


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