Why Homestay Villa Over Hotel In Malaysia?

Nowadays,  the majority of the tourists travel to Malaysia and stay in hotels never get to experience true Malaysian hospitality. It is changing as a result of the growing popularity of homestays in Malaysia.  A homestay is similar in concept to that of a bed and breakfast. Guests are either accommodated in the family home, or in separate quarters nearby. Most homestays provide their guests with just as much comfort as a well-furnished reputable hotel.

Why Homestay Villa Over Hotel In Malaysia?

There are 8 reasons To Choose Homestay Villa  Over Hotel On Your Travel.

An informal space 

A homestay is, very simply, part of someone’s home or another building not far from the host’s home converted into a hotel. A homestay will feel less intimidating than a large impersonal hotel filled with other people and fixed rules. Staff members are friendlier and the service is more personalized.  As they can afford to cater to the demands of their few guests, as opposed to a hotel that has to take care of hundreds of people.

No spike drink or food

Very often, you hear lady been sexual assault or been raped in the hotel.  There are many people walk in and out of the hotel premises. It is hard to detect a rogue amongst the hotel guests.  Your table drink can be spiked or drug been adding to your food.  It is not possible in homestay venue, as you know your friends and family member well.  Most homestay guest check in the homestay villa are mostly their close friend or relative or family members.

Excellent Place to visit

No one knows a place better than the local residents. Staying with someone local you have access to the best information on the place. You will not find this in those guides. Even online, most information on exploring a place is repetitive, so trust your host to tell you where to go and what to do. Moreover, homestay owners make it their business to know more about the local area so that they can point out shortcuts and scenic routes to their guests, making exploring all the more convenient.

The best local cuisine 

Kluang is famous for its fine dining. People often travel withing in Malaysia, and I had guests from Canada, Australia, and Singapore check in my homestay to have an authentic taste of Hainan and Luwak coffee.  A guest of mine from Kuala Lumpur would not mine to have a high tea that cost him RM 252.30 for a small cup of Luwak Coffee and a piece of cheesecake.  

Of course not to forget the Famed Kluang Botak Curry Mee and Desa halal mutton and chicken Braynani rice.

More peace and quiet

 If you are traveling to get away from the noise and clutter of cities, this is a good choice. Because they are small, at any point you won’t have more than 15 people around at a homestay. This means peace and quiet and more quality time spent with yourself, or your family and friends. These properties also give you access to the more remote areas of the country, where infrastructure or a lack of vision has come in the way of building hotels, and just being there is great as these unfrequented, less populated areas offer retreat area to release your working stressful lifestyle.

Responsible tourism

By staying at a homestay, you are contributing to the livelihood of the local community.  Not far away from my Kluang homestay villa is a town known as Air Hitam notable for clay pot and plastic handicraft flower. During the school holiday and weekend, there are rows of express bus parking at the congested roadside for tourist having a good time in bargain on goods. It is a weekend phenomenon that causes a massive traffic of 5 to 6 kilometers. It contributes economic significantly to the livelihood of the local community. 

Forming unlikely friendships

 You never know whom you encounter on your travels, whose home you end up staying at. Homestay owners tend to be chatty folk (people who don’t like to meet other people are unlikely to open up their home to strangers).  The conversations are entertaining and enlightening, and you might just form a new friendship for life.


 The most pragmatic reason to choose a homestay villa hotel is, of course, that it’s cheaper.  Often by half, and doesn’t come with hidden costs.  Hosts can lead you to cheaper eating options in the area. Your money goes for longer at a homestay. You can afford that extra sightseeing excursion or trek that you might not have done if you were spending more on just accommodation. It costs an arm and leg to have your clothing been wash and iron in the hotel, but whereas homestay often comes with wash machine.  

This is a great reason and deciding factor why Homestay villa over Hotel in Malaysia?

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