Meet Jamin

Meet Jamin

Meet Jamin, the guy who was born in a beautiful valley undulating Kluang town in the heart of Johor. There is 400 plus coffee shop with a population 300K+. People enjoying afternoon coffee drinking which was inherited by the British planters.

Infant sleeping on cool pavement

I had traveled to many countries, often I saw people sleeping on the street pavement in a metropolitan city.  It Broke my heart. Why ??? Some parents even cladding the infant tightly to sleep on a cardboard in the freezing cool winter. With the shabby and torn clothing , the thin piece cloth it hardly can keep them warm in the severely cool night with snow flea falling down.  Tears rolling down.  I was helpless as a student.  Only I can console my heart by giving a token of some coins  to buy them a hot beverage. May God Bless them.

Lifestyle of the filthy Rich

People are born inequality.  Some born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They living a big mansion , with a fleet of brand and luxury cars , an army of servants to take care of their daily high profile lifestyle. Some even have a few private jets to fly around the world.  Breakfast at New York, Lunch at Paris , and Fine dining of Lobster at the exquisite resort hotel overlooking in the Alps.  Time and Money are meaningless to them.

Bed makes out of Money

An elder man sharing the story in a coffee shop.

” Look, the piles of money find in their home.  Do these people sleep on the money bed?

I glanced through the front pages of a local daily. 

This is everybody dream and wishes it will true.

Why Kluang Homestay Villa?

I set up this homestay, mainly to mingle with people from all  walks of life regardless religion, creed, community.

It a simple basic need of a sweet home in a high ceiling hall with 2 car park in the porch. Surround with the  cool breeze provides from the tropical fruit trees. It is a 24 hours security guard in a unique quiet environment.  A villa situated only a 5 minutes drive to town central.  It is affordable for a whole family either for social, wedding gathering or a birthday party. A perfect retreated for those city folks who live a hustle and bustle life.  Why Not spending a few day here to recharged your energy and release your stress and tension?

All are welcomed.

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