Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House? Do you own several properties?  Do home stay or rent out? Yes, what are your options? Do you give it much thought? Do your consultations begin with your spouse, a family member, or a group of friends? What conclusion have you reached?

Your mind is a battleground where everything is possible. Do you want to do home stay  or rent it out?Regardless of the outcome, I applaud your decision to rent, as the majority of people chose the easy way out.

My partner and I both had an nasty and unpleasant time. Prior to going to bed, I experienced an interminable nightmare. Malaysia was placed on lock-down, as there had been no public flight between East and West Malaysia for nearly two years. My late mother-in-law left behind a house when her younger son died of throat cancer in March 2021.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House
Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House


Rent out Vacant house

Our ordeal began when a stranger unlawfully occupied the vacant house and converted it into a tiny woodworking shop. Despite our shrieks at the gate, no one emerged from the house.

My partner gets weary, like a zombie, when confronted with such a vexing subject. We turned off the water supply to the residence to evict the unauthorized occupant. However, we were required to pay Rm154.34 for water usage from June to December 2021.

Even without a water source, the craftsman was able to live comfortably in the house. This is quite upsetting to us.

We disconnected the electricity source, leaving us with only the Hudson option. Despite this, we met numerous roadblocks. The illegal tenant refused to open the iron grill in order for the authority to shut off the supply. The executive in charge contacted me to inform me that their technician confronted the tenant in a rude manner, attempting to axe them for their second attempt.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

He advised me to file a police report. What the hell is going on!
I made a total of five trips to the utilities board. Now I’m required to visit the police station, which the majority of Malaysians despise.

During the COVID-19 Sop in Malaysia, I waited patiently for nearly two hours. After learning of my plight, a very helpful Johorean police officer made all effort to write the complaint. I was ecstatic to share high tea with my wife and friend, who selflessly extended her hand and drove around in her car following her retirement. However, they never materialized.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House
Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Soon after, the Johorean police called to ask for my assistance in to consult  his sergeant superior, whose office was located a few kilometers away.
Indeed, we faced an impossible problem in locating the station due to the presence of numerous dead-end roads. We have finally arrived. I inquired at the front desk but was directed to climb to the third level to meet the sergeant.

To me, climbing the staircase feels like climbing Mount Everest with my right knee osteoarthritis and neuropathy. The climb took 15 minutes, with each step wrought with nerve pain. Atlas, we finally met once all the formalities were completed. I bide him politely and descended the shaky, frightening, black stairway.

To add insult to injury, three persons were required to be present simultaneously for the technician to remove the electrical meter. For us, it is a matter of spontaneous communication! Finally, we completed the task.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

The police informed me that the tenant would vacate the premises within three days, but this did not transpire. We went there to retrieve the key from the tenant; he entertained us by playing hide and seek with us. I sought guidance from the sergeant.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House
Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

As the owner of the property, you are free to do as you like. I removed the padlock and replaced it with our stainless steel padlock. All of his tools and uncompleted work were abandoned.

After ten days of being without it, he summoned the courage to call me for the house key. He wishes to spend the night with his eldest son and complete all housework between 7 p.m. and 10 a.m. the following day. I yelled at him to stay away from my house. He went three days without cleaning the house. Do you believe he could complete the task in 12 hours? I have reservations!.

I’m looking for a new tenant; we spent RM700.00 on a professional cleaning and transporter to remove all the recycled wood chips, wooden boards, and some burning. I saved the necessary equipment and unfinished tabletop in order to offset my whole water and electric bill usage. According to my analysis, the residence is unsuitable for use as a home stay.

Do Home stay or Rent out Vacant House

I was in charge of two guesthouse units in Kluang Johor. Eco-friendly and fenced, the community is ideal for the home stay, which is flanked by fruit trees. I hired a part-time stay-at-home parent to clean the house prior to the guests’ arrival the next day. The electrical issue is fixed by a semi-retired hand.

We require cash up front to outfit a home stay with items such as a bed and cot, mattress, table and chair, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and television, as well as other items such as a cupboard and wardrobe and dressing table.
Years are required to recoup the initial investment.

Marketing is critical to survival in this aggressive environment, not only from our colleagues, but also from the hotel sector. Instead of paying for adverts on social media, I established my website and YouTube channel.
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all popular social media platforms.

Survival is a contest of strength. Several fly overnight home stays were permanently closed during the Covid19 pandemic.

Which Is Better to Do Home Stay or Rent Out Vacant House

Our guests pay an upfront deposit and the remainder upon check-in. There is such a default in payment; unlike the rental, the tenant may occasionally be a week late. The contract agreement has a clause allowing the landlord to charge daily pro-rota interest at a rate of 7% per annum.

Usually, we wave off because the sum is modest, in comparison to the cost of a commercial structure, which might exceed a thousand dollars in a single day.

In any sector, we are certain to come across some unscrupulous tenants. In Johor, I had one tenant who removed my aluminum toilet door upon moving out. As a souvenir, an image of a toilet door.

After three nights of check-in, some Ph.D. research students steal my queen-size coconut fiber bed—no it’s surprise that some people use the Ph.D. abbreviation for Permanent Head Damage.

Do Home stay or rent out your vacant house

What is your decision, based on the preceding narration, whether you own many residential units, rent them out, or home stay? Before leaping to any decision, we should weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

How to travel light tips for backpacking now

How to travel light tips for backpacking now

How to travel light tips for backpacking now?  After all travel light travel isn’t a science, it’s an art. So, what are the 9 essential tips for travel light benefits? Indeed, travel light is hard. But it’s totally worth it! Once you force yourself to travel smarter and lighter, your life on the road becomes so much easier. Thus, it is sensible to travel light with a lot of benefits. With the cumbersome bag not to mention the overweight fine, but also it strains your fragile body due to heavyweight bags on the shoulder. 

Finally, you’ll feel like a bird, not traveled like a mule.

In the first place, are we packing for a visit or vacation? Seasoned travelers will pinpoint telling you the rookie most often makes the fundamental mistake is overpacking their bag. Surely, we would like to pack for any unpredicted weather, but that doesn’t mean packing our entire life into a suitcase.

Moreover, in order to enjoy your seamless flight (and your journey) less stressful, I’ve curated an inventory of the highest packing tips for traveling light which is the utmost priority.

How to travel light tips for backpacking now 1
Traveler Man with backpack hiking Travel Lifestyle concept mountains on background Summer journey adventure vacations outdoor


Travel Light Tips

1. Pick the proper Hand carrying Bag

In fact, there is no such hand-carrying luggage fixed in all sizes compartment in-plane or train. But, however, the truth is that many travelers overlook the practicality of their bag and just purchase any ole’ carry-on that manages to suit within the overhead cabin. Moreover, several important several factors need to take into consideration when choosing the simplest sort of hand luggage bag on travel.

Firstly, you’ll need to choose the dimensions of your bag. Likewise, size limitations vary from carrier to carrier, so you ought to always countercheck together with your specific airlines to verify your hand carrying fits the bill. Also, the hand carrier bag varies on different size restrictions for domestic airlines and international airlines.

Secondly, use your wisdom carefully to select the choice of bag to travel in during your journey. In fact, backpacks are easier to hold if you’re on the go, like island hopping through Thailand or riding trains through Norway. You won’t need to worry about hauling an important suitcase up several flights of stairs or through cobblestone alleys.

How to travel light tips for backpacking now
How to travel light tips for backpacking now

Travel Light tips use Light hand luggage


If you’re traveling on hand only, ensure that your luggage is light!

Again, backpacks also are soft-sided which suggests you’ll squish and squeeze your things into every nook and cranny—especially within the overhead cubicles. Having said that, you ought to try not to pack quite what your back can carry.

On the opposite hand, rolling suitcases are more durable and cause less strain on your body. Although hard suitcases keep your items tidy and neatly arranged, they’re often heavier than soft backpacks. If you select the incorrect suitcase, a big chunk of your luggage weight limit could be haunted by the bag itself. Absolutely, it is not worth it.

2. Handy Personal Item Allowance on Plane

Most airlines allow you to require a smaller, personal item onboard with your overhead hand carry bag. This item should be fit nicely under the seat ahead of you and be spacious enough to carry your valuables, electronic gadgets, and passport.

It’s best to settle on a private item that will be used as a daypack during your trip. Small backpacks, messenger bags, or laptop bags are ideal. Please bear in mind that this isn’t an excuse to pack a second heavy carry-on since you’ll be lugging it around with you wherever you go.

Ladies, don’t waste your personal item on a tiny purse that only holds a couple of things. Instead, believe in bringing a little backpack or large tote since you’ll always tuck your purse inside. Finally, please remember that we should keep some first-aid plasters/gauze and basic medicines, a small bar of soap, and a dried towel in my daypack.

3. Pack Clothes for every week

If you’re traveling for just a couple of days, you almost certainly won’t run into issues fitting your clothes into a piece of hand luggage. However, packing the proper items for a visit longer than a week could be a mammoth task.

A good rule of thumb is to pack only one week’s use of clothing. That is the maximum.

If you’re traveling for an extended period of your time, simply plan on doing laundry during your trip. Unless you’re blessed with access to a washer or dryer, you would possibly find yourself washing dirty clothes within the sink. For this reason, clothes that will be washed and simply air-dried (i.e. quick-dry underwear) should have first priority on your packing list.

4. Bring Clothes which will Be Layered

How to travel light tips for backpacking now

Layer your clothing for handy travel!

You should wear a minimum of five layers on this brisk morning in the winter season.

Since you’re traveling with just a handy traveling organizer bag, you’ll get to be selective about what sort of clothes to bring. The main key to packing light is to bring clothes which will be layered. Not only will multiple layers take up less space in your bag than one giant coat, for instance, they’re going to also keep you warm during all sorts of situations and provide you more outfit options to figure with.

This is very true if you’re traveling to different climates. You’ll wear your lighter layers like tank tops or T-shirts when it’s warm, and layer up with sweaters and mid-layers when it’s cold.

Leave those chunky knit sweaters and heavy coats for any reception. That’s where they’re most useful.

5. Choose the proper Toiletries

Many travelers know that bringing full-size shampoo or an outsized bottle of lotion in the hand-carrying bag is forbidden. Besides complying with TSA’s liquid allowance, there are several other tips of which even the foremost experienced travelers will want to avoid.

If you’re staying during a hotel, then using the provided shampoo, conditioner, and lotion may be a no-brainer. Most hotels even have toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and shaving soap for free of charge if you ask the front desk.

Another option is to bring solid toiletries like solid soap, sunblock, and detergent. They’re usually compact in size and don’t fall under the TSA liquid category. Fellas, you’ll even get solid cologne bars so you don’t need to carry heavy glass bottles with you once you travel.

And if you’re really tight on space, just leave the toiletries behind. As long as you’ve got your necessary medication, contacts lens or sunglasses, etc., you’ll purchase the other basic items once you arrive.

6. Be Selective About Footwear for travel light tips 

Hand carries bag travel on the Train

Wearing versatile shoes may be a must!

Let’s face it—packing the proper pair of shoes isn’t easy. Not only are the bulk of shoes bulky, but they also take up large amounts of space in your hand carries.

The key’s to bring shoes that are versatile and cozy. I know, it’s easier said than done. But trust me; nothing is worse than getting blisters on your first day and not wearing that specific shoe for the remainder of the trip.

Two pairs should do the trick. One comfortable pair for walking or hiking, and another pair which will be dressed up or down. If you’re jet-setting somewhere tropical or warm, swap the second pair for flip-flops or sandals.

As a side note, you ought to always wear the bulkier of the 2 pairs on the plane so as to release extra space in your bag. We’ll get to more of that during a bit.

7. Use Compression Bags or Packing Cubes for Travel light tips 

Even if you’re diligent about packing only the bare necessities, you continue to might find that space may be a little tight in your hand carry. Don’t fret, because compression bags and packing cubes are here to save lots of the day!

Compression bags allow you to squeeze more into every inch of usable space. You place your clothes inside the plastic compression bag and deflate all the air out until the bag is flat and compacted. Thus, this protects plenty of space (upwards of 80 %!) and allows you to suit more into your hand carry.

Packing cubes work a touch differently. Unlike compression bags, packing cubes are durable, fabric containers that stack neatly in your suitcase or backpack. Once you arrive in your hotel or hostel, you’ll have all of your shirts, pants, socks, and underwear separated into individual cubes. While they will save a touch space, their main function is to stay your bag organized and your clothes wrinkle-free.

8. Roll rather than Fold

Hand carrier Luggage

When you roll your clothes, you’ll fit tons more into a smaller space!

It’s the good packing debate—should you roll or fold your clothes?

If you’re traveling backpack and need to suit more items into your bag, then rolling is certainly the thanks to going. Expert travelers like me swear by the rolling method for packing more items into tight spaces. Clothes that are rolled are more compact and space-saving than clothes packed within the traditional folded way.

You are well worth the overtime and energy to suit everything neatly into your hand carry. The rolling method also avoids those pesky creases that you simply get from folding. Rolling leaves you (and your clothes) happy and wrinkle-free. Am I right?

How to travel light tips for backpacking now
How to travel light tips for backpacking now

9. Wear what you’ll During Check-In

One of the most important aspects of space-saving hand-carry tips is to wear the maximum amount as you’ll while in transit. Whatever is on your body doesn’t count towards the airline weight limit! By wearing your heaviest jacket, bulkiest shoes, and thickest sweaters, you’ll release plenty of space in your luggage.

And don’t forget, airplanes are notoriously cold, so this trick does the double trick for you.

This tactic is particularly handy when you’re traveling to a colder climate and need to bring an outsized parka or coat. Save yourself the struggle of jamming a puffy jacket in your suitcase and wear it on the plane instead.

In a pinch, you’ll also release space from your smaller, personal item. You can stuff small valuables like sunglasses, books, and phone chargers into your coat pockets.

By now, you ought to be a packing pro able to combat the planet of lightweight, hand carries only travel! By following these space-saving tips and rules, I do know you’ll not have any problem traveling with just a hand carry. Not only will you be free from the burden of an important bag, but you’ll be liberal to roam the planet wherever your journey decides to require you.

Finally, the above 9 are for travel light tips.  Remember to pack light for your next travel 

Remember, you’re not packing a little; you’re packing more wisely and efficiently.


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One Nation Different States Tax Varies

One Nation Different States Tax Varies

One Nation Different States Tax Varies.  A tales of two cities.

I live in Johor state after returning from my oversea tertiary education. I work in Johor trough out my working life with a short stint in Singapore. After married, I often travel to Kuching, my wife hometown.  There is where my culture shock began.

Transport charges

My wife bought her first home need extensive renovation at the front car porch. Off we went to the hardware shop dealing with ceramic tile. After an hour viewing and selection, we finally settled for tile costing more than RM2,000.00

” Boss, There is an RM50.00 transport charge that you need to pay.” the sweet damsel told us.

” Wh…at! Why? We brought over RM2,000.00 worth of tiles, there is no such practice in Johor, moreover, the distance between here and to our house is merely 5 kilometers away. You cut throat ” I probed.

” It is standard practice here. No transport charges, no delivery, our business is still very good, Look at the crowd of buyers outside.” she cockily answered me.

Now, I understand why my fifth brother built a Japenses factory shipped all the building material from Johor. The houses here have very low ceiling regardless the types of house, be it bungalow or low- cost house. I hardly seeing a house built by the developer has a 15 ft high ceiling. 

I questioned my brother-in-law about this issue. He advises not to compare with Johor with a question mark?


We were busily cooking our meal one day, the gas had finished. I called the gas delivery man to send me two cylinders of gas.

” OK. no problem, but you need to pay RM200.00 for the deposit of the new cylinder gas tank” the boss briefed me over the phone.

” Why RM200.00 for the deposit, not RM80.00 in West Malaysia, moreover, the gas is a control item in Malaysia” I questioned him. 

” Then you wait for RM200.00 drop to Rm80.00.” He told me off.

Identity issue.

I am Johorean, each time at the arrival hall at the Kuching International Airport, I need to go the immigration counter.  I need to sign a small note of paper, keep it safely, present to them after leaving the Sarawak, but there is no such issue when East Malaysian entered West Malaysia.

Once I questioned about it.  

” Inilah procedure, jangan tanya saya kenapa. Tanya orang di atas” the muka asam immigration ooficer answered me like that.

East Malaysia has joined the Federal on 16 Sept 1963, I just don’t under why such an issue exists until today. 

Can anyone know the true answer?

One Nation Different States Tax Varies. A tales of two states

No House Assessment

During my trip back to Kuching to celebrate Chinese New Year with my wife’s sibling. We went to the land surveyor office to pay the house assessment which is due soon in May 2017.

” I am here to pay the house assessment” I politely told the smiling face cashier at the counter.

” Sir, Good afternoon, there is is no more house assessment since July 2016. It has been abolished. The commercial lot only need to pay” she told me with her warmth smile.

We went off smiling ear to ear.

No Land Tax

My son and I went to the Kota Samarahan to pay the land tax for a small piece of agriculture land.

” Sir, this is the identity card, I would like to check how much I have to pay for the ‘Cukai Tanah?” He asked.

After a few minutes after checking with the computer system, there is no outstanding. He briefed us, “you don’t have to any the land tax from January 2016 onward.”

We could not believe what he said.

” Yes, sir, it has been abolished by the late Tan Sri Adenan Satem since 2016. Another Ang Pao for us in this 2017 Rooster Year. I really pay through my nose for land tax and house assessment in Johor for a few thousand ringgit a year.

We have a hard time in the high cost of living in Malaysia, where everything goes up, never comes down the only exception Malaysia  Ringgit down more than 30% against US$ since last year.

A poem to console me before I can retire to bed tonight.


Last year, Cooking Oil Up

Recently, fuel 20 cents up 

Grocery bill goes up

Petrol bill also goes up 

My Goreng Pisang also up

Mama Mee Goreng also up 

Malay Nasi Goreng Kampung also up

Chinese Kung Fu noodle also up

Harga Kangkong pun Naik

Gaji x Naik

But my “Kepala Angin” naik

Then my doctor fee also Naik.

Only Malaysian Ringgit RM is down.



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Kluang Famous Hot Spicy Botak’s Curry Mee

Kluang Famous Hot Spicy Botak's Curry Mee

What is Curry Mee ?

Malaysian and Singapore are famous for a unique signature  dish called curry mee. It is a cuisine heavily fusion of the Chinese and Indian influence.  The Chinese and Indian migrated to then Malaya to work in tin mining and rubber plantation sector respectively during the early 19-century era.  

It is made up of thin yellow noodle or and mee hoon (rice vermicelli withy spicy curry soup, sambal chili, and coconut satan. With a variety of choice like dried tofu, chicken, prawn, cuttlefish, egg,  cockle and  bean sprout. 

In  southern Malaysia and Singapore, it is called “curry laksa”  It is a cross between the Singapore laksa and a spicy variation of the mee rebus (an Indonesian noodle dish with yellow noodles).

Malaysians returning home from overseas, after home cooking, would head for their favorite hawkers to relive the taste of long missed  spicy foods.

Kluang Famous Hot Spicy Botak’s Curry Mee

Botak’s curry mee, inheritance with over 3 generation with a span of 60 years,  It’s loyalty  customers  spread across the global besides, the Malaysian patron and the local folks.

Ground Spices

The curry soup uses ground spices. The tasty and mildly spicy smooth curry has a pleasant slight grainy feel from the ground spices. Less oily due to  lesser use of coconut satan in the preparation. It is more healthy comparing with local other curry mee stall which is heavily reliant on coconut for flavor.

Sambal Chili 

Curry mee would not you do not try the sambal chili , it is free self- services adding in a small plastic plate .  You can add any amount depending individual taste bud.  Made from fresh chili and fried in oil, it is spicy and adds oomph to the curry for those who prefer their curry extra hot. This sambal chili is so yummy .

“Boss, Can I packed RM10.00 for the sambal chili?”

“Sure, you can, where are you people coming from?” He asked us.

” I am local, these two gentlemen are from Perth , Australia another two gentlemen are  from Kuching, Sarawak, ” I replied.

” Ohh, with his unbelievable look. 

The delicious looking bowl of curry noodle topped with bean sprouts, char siew, cockles, fish cake, pork skin etc. It rare people use the pork skin on curry noodles.  The tasteless pork skin when soaked up the curry like a sponge. The curry is the main star in Botak curry mee.  

“Boss, give me another bowl of rice vermicelli with an additional portion of cockle.” shout from another table.

It was hot  sundry afternoon, the fan was orbited with the mixture of the smelly customer’s perspiration and the aromatic smell of the curry soup. Nobody seems to bother about it, keep devour on the hot curry mee. 

Botak’s Kampung Paya shop showcases.  

 The  unique funny looking table with cement leg.  It was a collection ex- flooding recycle material. The owner’s love for liquor and alcohol is apparent by his collection of alcohol bottles lined up against the walls. The colorful psychedelic ceilings were quite a change. 

Why Botak Curry Mee?

Its name originated from the earlier generation, present owner’s   grandfather was a bald man! But the grandson who is manning the stall only had short, cropped hair. There are 2 stalls, brother, and sister taking care of their own respective stalls. 

Son’s address: Jalan Paya 2, Kampung Paya, Kluang

GPS: 2.040879,103.334977

Daughter’s address: Jalan Panggung, Kampung Masjid Lama, Kluang (Mengkibol River Hawker Centre) 

GPS: 2.029777,103.320971

Hours: 7:00am to 5:00pm


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